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Valentino Rockrunner on two fronts
valentinozilisData: Sambata, 30.04.2016, 13:51:31 | Mesaj # 1
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Hump<\/strong>: How do you fall asleep at night? Do you drift off the second your head hits the pillow? Me, I'm not so blessed on the sleep front, so
lately I've been passing out listening to a Spotify station based on the comedy
albums of one Anthony Jeselnik. This has proven highly effective on two fronts:
One, instead of acknowledging the swirling thoughts in my head about work, life,
metaphysics, and green juices, I play a fun little guessing game called
\"identify your favorite comedians based solely on their voices and routines.\"
And two, the dulcet cadence of Anthony Jeselnik's deep voice and dark, comedic
timing is quite soothing \u2014 you know, if you don't focus too much on his
Valentino Pumps For
favorite joke topics, which are pretty bleak and inappropriate.

This week, the comedian brought his unique brand of Valentino
insult comedy to a new show on Comedy Central, The Jeselnik
Offensive. I'll admit it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be (critiquing fashion
in a segment meant to mock Fashion Police isn\u2019t his strong suit), but if I
closed my eyes, it's just like I was in bed, drifting off to his deep, smooth

Marry<\/strong>: Even though I said I\u2019d take a break from waxing rhapsodic about Parks and Recreation, I was totally going to write about Ben and
Leslie\u2019s wedding here. Except...my DVR cut off 15 minutes into the
hour-long episode that I can now only assume was magical, heartwarming, and
Valentino Flats
beyond compare. I have never felt this betrayed in my life. There
is no love. There is no happiness. God is dead.

So fine, I also went on a Netflix Archer binge this weekend and am now pretty smitten with the
H. Jon Benjamin-voiced ISIS agent with the exceptionally
chiseled jaw and even more well-honed Oedipal complex. In this week\u2019s
episode, Archer gets bitten by a snake, and a cut-rate James Mason It\u2019s a
Wonderful Lifes him. Check it out, mostly for the line about how they can\u2019t
be in heaven because Janis Joplin isn\u2019t doing something extremely
scatological to Sterling
Forum » Vreau si eu un bebelyno » Bebelyno in proiect » Valentino Rockrunner on two fronts
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