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Cheap Valentino Shoes National
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How Long Does it Take to Reduce Valentino Shoes
Cholesterol Levels
The time it takes to lower your cholesterol depends on a number of factors,
all of which vary for every person. Most important is your understanding of the
changes you must make, the guidelines in place to make them and why these
guidelines are in place. Without this comprehension, you may fail to make a
full commitment to yourself and your health.
The National
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Cholesterol Education Program
The National Cholesterol Education ProgramNCEPwas created by
the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute in 1985. Its goal is
to educate health care providers and the public about the risks of high
cholesterol, thus reducing the number of cholesterolrelated illnesses and death.
This diet is progressive, and the first three months are centered around dietary
and lifestyle changes. The intensity of your treatment depends on your risk
factors. A person who is overweight requires a reduction in caloric intake,
while a patient within a healthy weight range does not.
The First Six Weeks
The first six weeks on the TLC diet requires a reduction in saturated fats
and dietary cholesterol intake. Saturated fats such as red meat, wholefat dairy
products, egg yolks and butter should not comprise more than 7 percent of your
total daily calories, and your cholesterol intake should be less than 200mg per
day. These changes combined can reduce your LDL between 11 and 15 percent,
according to the NHLBI. If you are overweight, losing 10 lbs. can decrease your
LDL up to 8 percent. Do this by adding fiberrich foods such as oats, fruits,
vegetables Cheap Valentino
and legumes; these fill you faster and help restrict calories.
They are also forms of soluble fiber; eating 5 to 10g daily can decrease your
LDL between 3 and 5 percent in the first six weeks. Adding moderate physical
activity, such as 30 minutes of walking each day, helps burn calories and
improve cholesterol levels.
The Next Six Weeks Valentino

Follow up with your doctor and undergo a cholesterol blood test to check your
LDL levels after the first six weeks. At this point your doctor may implement
more changes while continuing with the changes you have already made. Plant
sterols and stanols, natural substances certain foods and beverages are
fortified with, absorb excess cholesterol. Consuming 2g per day via fortified
orange juice or yogurt can lower your LDL between 5 and 15 percent during the
second six weeks of the TLC diet, according to the NHLBI. If necessary, your
doctor may increase your intake of soluble fiber. Combining your changes with
the medication your doctor chooses may help keep your dosage low, which may
prevent the onset of unwanted side effects. It may take time for your doctor to
find the right medication for you, and in some cases, he may need to prescribe
more than one. Once you begin taking medication, visit your doctor every four to
six months. This allows him to determine your progress and make changes as
needed. Exceptions do exist. This checks your liver function, as liver damage is
a possible side effect of these drugs.
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