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Valentino UK those famous
gatosorisasData: Joi, 24.09.2015, 17:15:42 | Mesaj # 1
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Disney Inspired Fashion Alice in WonderlandAlice has always been an inspiration to the fashion world, which is why Elise made a dress dedicated to
the story. If you're Valentino
going for a more classic Alice look, just stick to pale blues and
whites like the dress shown. Alice is only seen with her black hair ribbon and
black Mary Jane's, prim choices for a quaint luncheon. If you really want to pay
tribute, you can find jewelry dedicated to Alice almost anywhere. And of course
you can complete the look a Mad Hatter inspired necklace. A charm bracelet is
fitting, popular to the time, and can be made your own with your favorite
Aliceinspired charms: tea pots, tiny bottles, little cookies, etc.
The Little MermaidAriel makes for perfect summer inspiration.
Valentino Shoes A purple
bikini pays homage to those famous purple shells and can be covered with a pair
of seafoam green shorts. Ariel is always surrounded by seashells, even in her
castle on land, so make sure to wear some oceaninspired jewelry. Once Ariel
makes her transition, she wears some great dresses. A simple pink dress with
lace adornments is perfect for dinner, but don't try to comb your hair with a
fork (you might get some funny looks). If you're just going out for a day, wear
a blue day dress like Ariel and your sweetheart might even rent a boat. Like
many Disney favorites, Ariel's hair wouldn't be complete without a giant bow.
Update the look with a cute headband.
AladdinJasmine is the most exotic of the classic Disney princesses. She wears
harem pants and has a pet tiger. It's easier to take inspiration from her. You
can stick with her classic turquoise outfit or branch out into the fiery red
Jafar puts her in or the lavender she wears to announce
Valentino UK Online her
engagement. A snake bracelet is fitting and reminiscent of Jafar's staff, which
he uses to hypnotize his victims like you'll be hypnotizing yours. A tiger ring
could become your constant companion as Rajah was to Jasmine. Jasmine almost
always has her hair back in a headband, so a headband with a turquoise stone is
a perfect touch. Don't forget to accessorize with gold. After all, royalty
deserves only the very best.
TangledRapunzel, Disney's latest addition to the princess lineup, is very hot
right now. Lavender is clearly her favorite color and a great choice to welcome
spring. Lace and floral additions are a feminine accent to a Rapunzelinspired
outfit. A gold rope bracelet is reminiscent of Rapunzel's long golden locks,
while a sun embellished necklace will remind you of her glowing lanterns. Deck
your hair out in pretty flower clips and headbands, and you'll be ready to dance the day away. Don't forget
Rapunzel never wore shoes, so a pair of strappy sandals is freeing and
More Disney Inspired FashionsDisney Inspired Fashion: Part One
Pixar provides some unexpected inspiration for your wardrobe. How you
favorite movies, like Finding Nemo, Monster's Inc, Toy Story, and Cars can have
a great impact on your everyday fashion!
EsielmawData: Miercuri, 18.01.2017, 09:53:06 | Mesaj # 2
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