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Prada Handbags of rendering
lohonesacesData: Luni, 31.08.2015, 15:54:37 | Mesaj # 1
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The 12 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Self Because human beings like nothing more than their own stupid faces, selfportraiture has been an enduring form of
artistic expression since basically the beginning of time (the Biblical Adam
could, in fact, be considered the first selfportrait).
Popularized by the Renaissance masters, the art of rendering one's own image
on canvas is still going strong even in
Prada Handbags this era of
the much more elegant iPhone mirror pic. As with everything else, celebrities do
selfportraits better than us laypeople. Or at least they do them much, much
12. Pierce BrosnanI bet you looked at this portrait of Pierce and immediately
picked out its best part. And I bet you think it's the blue car in the
background exploding into a Michael Bay of flames (that's the collective noun
for that, FYI). Or maybe you're partial to that sadfaceemoticon mustache, or
those Prada Bags Outlet
badass shades that came free with the familysized bag of sunflower seeds at
7Eleven. Perhaps your favorite part is even Mr. Brosnan's magenta pixie cut
"Hairline be damned," says Pierce. "I will let my inner Kelly Osbourne run
But you're wrong. The best part of this painting is its intricately rendered
chest hair, a detail that lets us know that although Pierce took liberties with
skin color, hair color and realism in general, he isn't cutting any corners
where his masculinity is concerned. No sir: Those loopy black hairs promise us
that had Pierce decided on a fullbody portrait, he would have made his penis a
11. Marilyn MansonWell, now we know what Marilyn Manson looks like in his
birthday suit. Before the lipstick comes out and the monstereye contacts go in
and the bucket of baby powder gets dumped from the ceiling, Carriestyle, Marilyn
Manson is nothing but a skinny,
Cheap Prada Bags almost
innocentlooking homunculus
TemmyMirmData: Duminica, 15.01.2017, 22:39:30 | Mesaj # 2
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