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Forum » Sarcina,9 luni minunate... » 9 luni in balon-despre sanatatea gravidei » Celine Micro Luggage Cupro
Celine Micro Luggage Cupro
lohonesacesData: Vineri, 28.08.2015, 16:31:08 | Mesaj # 1
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Renewable Fabrics for Eco Fashion The new collection debuted during last years New York Fashion Week to wide applause for style and ecoconsciousness.
Elaine's new designs use the new cupro cotton material. Cupro cotton is a soft
fabric that is made from regenerated cellulose
Celine Handbags fibers
from discarded cotton husks and wood pulp. The
husks and pulp that provide the cellulose fibers come from the
linter of the cotton boll which is a renewable source material and is
regenerated on a yearly basis. By using the cupro
Micro Luggage
cotton, Elaine is choosing to forgo both petroleum and
forest depletion making the source of the fabrics she uses as environmentally
sustainable as the fashions she creates from them.

In the Spring 2009 collection, Elaine has a variety of modern ecofashions in which to choose from. Dresses are the main attraction for the line with an
abundance of sleeveless arms and billowy skirt bases. The color selection for
the collection ranges from soft muted beige and grays to bold blacks and vibrant
yellows and coral.
To the left,
Mini Luggage Tote
we see one of Elaine's more popular Spring 2009
designs in that of the Bethany Dress in Slate. The Bethany is made from a cupro,
cotton and 6% polyester blend and retails online through Elaine's shop for four
hundred and twentynine dollars.

Currently, Elaine's designs from the Fall/Winter 2008 and 2009 collections as Celine Mini
well as the Spring 2009 collection can all be purchased online
through her shop. None of the online
Celine Phantom
purchases are available for resale and the standard shipping
through UPS applies. Free shipping is only offered if the final purchase price
amounts to eight hundred dollars and can be requested through ground shipping.
Other than ground shipping, when buying over eight hundred dollars and there
will be an added cost for the shipping process. 

Forum » Sarcina,9 luni minunate... » 9 luni in balon-despre sanatatea gravidei » Celine Micro Luggage Cupro
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