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Valentino Flats On Sale omnipresent
valentinopposiData: Marti, 26.04.2016, 15:28:25 | Mesaj # 1
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From his omnipresent crew of attractive men to his Valentino
far-flung runway locales and his well-crafted personal
brand, Karl Lagerfeld has never been a
designer to do anything halfway. By now, we're already used to seeing his
extravagant creations on the catwalk \u2014 Chanel branded casino tables,
anyone? \u2014 but even that doesn't compare to what walked down the runway at
the recent Fendi show.

Just last week, Lagerfeld showed Fendi's debut couture fur collection on the runway in Paris. The event also happened to mark Lagerfeld's 50th anniversary
with the Italian fashion house, so it's not surprising that he took his \"go big
or go home\" ethos to an entirely new level. Amongst the 36 looks crafted from
mink, chinchilla, and sable, Lagerfeld's haute fourrure show also featured one
of the most expensive items of clothing ever: a fur coat worth \u20ac1 million
(for the math averse, that's $1,085,040). According to Dazed, every single
follicle on this floor-length sable overcoat
Valentino Rockstud
is coated in pure silver, \u201cgiving a unique and contemporary
luminous metallic effect to the fur while maintaining its softness.\u201d This
glimmering, moonlit finish made it the standout piece of the show \u2014 we'd
certainly hope so, especially given the price tag.

Clearly, Lagerfeld wasn't exaggerating before Valentino
the show when he told WWD, \"The sable
Valentino Flats On
coat today is expensive, like people pay less for a house than
for a sable coat. It\u2019s unbelievable!\" It just remains to be seen who's
willing to shell out \u2014 and brave PETA \u2014 in order to wear it.
AbbasDogeData: Sambata, 14.01.2017, 00:16:35 | Mesaj # 2
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