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Forum » Sarcina,9 luni minunate... » Despre travaliu si nastere » balenciaga bag mine from
balenciaga bag mine from
gogaselilusData: Miercuri, 23.09.2015, 15:45:47 | Mesaj # 1
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Glow in Style Intro: Glow in Style I confess, I'm an cheap ysl
EL Wire addict. I add it to anything I can
isabel marant shoes
think of prada handbagfor
any occasion. I got both of mine from a thift shop.

I confess, prada handbags outlet I'm an EL Wire addict. I add it to anything I can think of for
any occasion. While getting ready for a cruise over the summer that
balenciaga bags on
had a formal night, I thought it would be a great idea to add EL
wire to a suit and vest to stand out from the crowd. There are lots of tutorials
about using EL wire by sewing it on with fishing line. This is a great and easy
technique when it will be dark the entire time and you arn't up close to other
people to spoil the majic. But since I would be in light and moving around in
crowds, I wanted it to look a bit more finished. This is also great for wedding
receptions (just don't upstage the groom) and holiday parties. This
ysl bags is
what I did.

The materials that you need are pretty basic. isabel marant shoes for
You will need the suit and vest that you are going to work on. I
got both of mine from a thift shop. You don't want to cut up your $2,000 suit to
do this. Both were 50% off on the day I got them, so I spent $10 on the coat and
$3 on the vest. The EL wire I got off of Amazon. The blue for the vest was a
15ft piece for under $11.
balenciaga bag I found it
as scrap near where I work. You want a single continuous strand to go to various
places but not be visible where you don't want it. For the vest, I started with
the battery pack in my pocket and worked around from there. The diagram shows
you the flow. The parts highlighted in green are where the wire is visible, the
pencil lines are where the wire is hidden. For the coat, I used the same idea
placing the battery pack on the inside pocket and then working my way around
from there.
HamilgyncData: Marti, 31.01.2017, 15:57:54 | Mesaj # 2
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Forum » Sarcina,9 luni minunate... » Despre travaliu si nastere » balenciaga bag mine from
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