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Ping G25 5 Wood www.direct-sales.co.uk
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Ping G25 5 Wood Now the International Cricket Council, who themselves have long been sceptical about the benefits the Olympics could bring, will act as a conduit between India and Bach in highly significant talks later this year.

http://www.direct-sales.co.uk/Ping-G2....62.html Sportsmail understands that India's governing body, who effectively rule world cricket, plan to meet International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach for tentative discussions on one of the sport's thorniest subjects.

http://www.direct-sales.co.uk/Ping-G2....56.html It was good to see Stenson play the Deutsche Bank Championship after he had to withdraw from The Barclays with a knee injury. He did not register a top 40 finish, though, and his dream summer may be coming to an abrupt end. Just in time for the Ryder Cup. 

http://www.direct-sales.co.uk/Ping-G30-Hybrid-TFC-419H-Shaft-325.html The FedEx Cup Playoffs are now halfway over, and we have a nice little shake-up in the top 10 after Rory McIlroy's 65 on Monday to win the Deutsche Bank Championship. No. 1 is still the same, but we will get to the rest of the top 10 and how it is changing in these playoffs in just a minute.

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