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experienced foodie alike
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How Steak Works
For the backyard chef and the experienced foodie alike, nothing means luxury
like a fine steak, with meltinyourmouth tenderness and rich flavor.
Typically to make a steak, the meat is butchered in crosssection the cut is
perpendicular to the muscle fibers, or grain [source: Oklahoma State
University]. The meat is marbled that is, it contains a certain amount of fat.
In many cases, marbling leads to tenderness and flavor [source: Chu]. There is
some debate about the quality of marbling, as well as the relationship between
marbling and the diet of the cow [source: Time].
For anyone who used to struggle with the spelling difference between "stake"
and "steak," it should come as a comfort to learn that the words are actually
related. "Steak" comes from a root meaning "to roast on a stake" [source:
MerriamWebster]. That's not the only way to cook a steak any more, but there's
still something a bit primal about a perfect cut of beef. We do tend to
associate steak with cowboys and manly men, and indeed, the United States leads
the world in beef consumption just under 70 pounds (31.75 kg) per person, per
year [source: Cattle Network]. By contrast, the figure is about 19 pounds (8.7
kg) in Japan less than onethird as much [source: AsiaKan]!
In this article, we'll look at the different varieties and cuts of steak on
the market today. http://www.valentinohandbagssale.com/ You'll also learn some facts and opinions on the allimportant topic of cooking steak.
But first, let's head over to the farm, for a look at how cattleraising methods
affect flavor.
Forum » Sarcina,9 luni minunate... » Cu burtica dar cocheta » experienced foodie alike
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