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cPanel Conference Keynote Outlines Company Mission
The official kickoff to this week's cPanel conference did a lot to
illustrate, both explicitly and implicitly, what makes hosting control panel
builder cPanel an interesting company, particularly the emphasis it places on
having a truly close and engaged relationship with an excited community of
Addressing attendees at the cPanel conference Tuesday morning, CEO Nick
Koston offered a highlevel look at the motivations and objectives that drive the
company's products and their development.
The session delivered focused on offering some of that insight into what
makes cPanel tick as an organization, a big part of which is its mission, "to
make cPanel universally synonymous with dependable hosting and server automation
cPanel isn't quite there, says Koston, but it's on its way. With about 20
percent of the world's websites running http://www.nikeshoesa.com/under-armour-curry-c-6/ on a cPanelequipped servers, he says, the company has the single largest footprint in the hosting business of any organization.
Koston went through some specifics about how cPanel is constantly evolving
its processes for incorporating user input into development and for rolling out
new features, but he also touched specifically on a couple of key deals cPanel
made in the last year, with Siteocity and WHMCS.
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In Siteocity, cPanel acquired a small shared hosting company, a move Koston
says is intended to help cPanel better understand the needs of its customers.
The better the company knows those customers, the better cPanel will be able to
deliver the software they need. And while cPanel has no intention of competing
in the shared hosting market, operating a small hosting company (Siteocity) has
already been invaluable in helping the company to better understand user
feedback in ways it never could before.
cPanel also established a close partnership with client management and
billing system WHMCS this year, and Koston says some of the fruits of that
partnership have already arrived. While there is a very significant overlap of
customers using both tools, the separate nature of the two products means they
have to manage the two accounts separately. While cPanel has already integrated
some of the functions, the long term goal, says Koston, is tighter integration,
and to bring cPanel's level of support to the WHMCS organization.
Taking the stage to an almostobligatory video of cPanel employees parodying
"Gangnam Style," VP of Operations Aaron Phillips brought more of that
irreverence and accessibility that make cPanel unique to his discussion of what
to expect from the conference itself.
He touched on a few specific features of the event.
cPanel University cPanel's certification program has evolved a lot from its
launch at last year's event, down to five levels from about a dozen, and with
simpler names and distinctions, but even as it was changing, the program has
seen a lot of success. cPanel has issued about 1,200 certifications, he says,
and training and testing will be a big part of the conference this year.
Feature Requests Phillips spent some time on the company's new feature
request system, which provides cPanel users the means to make publiclyposted
feature requests, and allows the whole user community to vote on the features
they consider most important.
Partner NOC Directory cPanel has done a lot of work on its partner NOC
directory to help promote its hosting partners, says Phillips. The company gets
about 250,000 visitors to its website each month, and spends a surprisingly
large amount of time explaining to people that it's actually not a hosting
company, but it does know where a few are. The improved partner directory is
where it sends those users, but it needs some help from partners filling out the
information. Another focus at the show.
Phillips touched on the WHMCS partnership too, calling it the most exciting
partnership he's ever been a part of, with two ua curry shoes on sale companies run by coding CEOs working together on projects.
He also offered a few recommendations for things attendees will want to check
out at the show:
cPanel has created "employee booths" in the exhibit area, where company
employees will be demonstrating specific tools or ideas.
cPanel will be demonstrating the new WHM interface in the exhibit hall, along
with the new feature request system and partner NOC directory.
Sarah Fischer from cPanel will be blogging from the show (and she's sitting
very close to the WHIR booth, if you want to go cheap under armour curry shoes looking for her).
Talk back: Are you in Houston at the cPanel conference this week? Are you a
cPanel user? Are you interested in some of the moves cPanel is making right now
with partners and products?
Liam Eagle (1557 Posts)
Liam Eagle has worked as a contributor to the Web Host Industry Review since
its inception in 2000, and as editor since 2003. He has been editor of the
WHIR's print magazine since its launch. His daily involvement in the gathering
and reporting of Web hosting news and his regular interaction with Web hosting
leaders gives him an uncommonly broad appreciation of the issues and tends
facing the business. Through his WHIR blog, Liam spots Web hosting trends and
offers opinions on the industrywide impacts of major developments and the
motivation behind big announcements. Save 25 with coupon code WHIR25.
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