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Books on Golden Goose Board
bazileidosjnrData: Sambata, 16.04.2016, 20:25:16 | Mesaj # 1
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2 Ebook Stores You Have Never Heard Of
E Book stores are myriad with the top stores getting most of the sales, while
the smaller stores get little attention. Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Sony are
the leading e book market places on the internet. But what if you do not have a
Kindle, Nook or Sony E Reader? Here are two different E Book stores you have
probably never heard of, but there are allot of positive factors about them.
Books on Golden Goose Board
One of the highest rated e book stores on the internet. They have about
750,000 books in their library and have mostly DRM and some NON DRM contents.
Books on Board mainly supports the EPUB format, the mobile book format and the
Microsoft reader format. They also sell E Readers and Audio Books are well..
Books on Board claims it supports the PC, Mac, Net book, IPHONE, Sony E Readers,
Cybook, Astak, Nook and Kindle E Readers. Most newer E readers that are not on
this list do read EPUB so you should be ok buying your books from there. If you
are not sure whether or not your device is supported from them, check out our E
Reader Forum for more Information. As well, Books on Board gives you some test
books to see if they will be read on your E book reader, something no other
store does. Golden Goose Sale Books on board prices are very competitive, selling current New York Times best sellers at around $9.00. Most people who refuse to use Amazon or
Barnes and Noble really like Books on Board. They even have a program you can
subscribe to that allows you save money on books you buy from their store.
The Kobo Book Store
Kobo partnered up with Indigo/chapters books are forming many popular
publishing deals with big companies such as Random House. They bill themselves
as an all in one electronic reading service for PCs, laptops, net books, tablets
and smart phones. They recently formed a huge base in London, England and formed
partnerships with Random House UK, Penguin Group UK, Bloomsbury, Simon &
Schuster UK and Faber & Faber.
Kobo is at the forefront of mobile application development. They make apps
for the I Phone, Blackberry, Android, Palm Pre, and many other devices. You can
buy an Android app and read it on the device you bought it with, then transfer
it to your main e reader when you get home.
Boarders has also announced that is has formed a strategic relationship with
Kobo and will unveil their new e book store site in the summer or fall of
Kobo ever since it dropped its old name Short covers. Short Covers has been
selling eBooks for a long while, but the rebranding to Kobo marks the first
serious alternative to the Kindle as a platform. Kobo has teamed up with
Borders, REDgroup Retail and Instant Fame, which to you and me means that the
books are available almost worldwide, in the United States, Canada, the EU, the
U.K., Australia and the Asia Pacific region. In fact, Borders will be
incorporating Kobo into its store later next year. Kobo is also adding 1.8
million public domain books from the Internet Archive.
Apart from a name change, Kobo has some new features. Now you can browse by
category, choose from a new Top 50 e books list, New York Times bestsellers,
Oprah锟絪 book club picks and more. The app also has recommended reading lists
(right now there is a 锟絊eason锟絪 Readings锟?section, and a splendid 锟紺anadian,
eh锟?list) and a better search function.
It锟絪 very easy to browse, and the Kobo app puts Amazon锟絪 rushed out Kindle
for iPhone application to shame. It锟絪 all done with full artwork for covers, and
usually you can read the first chapter of a book (although a lot of the time,
you only get to read the end matter and not any actual content). Reading books
is equally elegant, and greatly cleaned up since the original Shortcovers app.
Page turning is animated and actually looks like paper pages flipping.
But when you come to make a purchase, things go slightly awry. By now, most
of us are used to in app purchases on the iPhone, so getting bounced out of Kobo
and tossed into a credit card form in Safari is an annoying shock. Once you have
laboriously input your details, you are sent back to the Kobo app where your
book is waiting for you. It would be more convenient if Kobo took advantage of
the iTunes App Store锟絪 ability to complete purchases within the app, with
billing handled by Apple.
Subsequent transactions go smoother, and you only need to input your password
to buy (it still requires a round trip to Safari, though).
This reliance on Safari is, we assume, both a way to get around Apple锟絪 30
percent cut and also to make the experience the same across platforms. And
speaking of platforms, only the iPhone and Blackberry have the updated
applications so far, with the rest 锟絚oming soon.锟?
Kobo is so far the best and most comprehensive service we have used to buy
and read books, especially for non U.S. residents. It is still flawed, and it is
a royal pain that Kindle won锟絫 support EPUB books. But with its platform
agnostic approach, huge catalogue and new heavyweight partners, we expect to see
Kobo grow fast.
We hope this article has changed your perceptions that there is an
alternative to the other Book Stores. If you have a Kindle, the Amazon store is
your only hope, if you have a Nook, then the Barnes and Noble store is for you.
If you do not have a mainstream e readers, the world is wide open to buy books
from different stores, these are two that offer very competitive prices and
should be easily read on most new, old and coming out soon e readers.
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