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Different Facial isabel marant shoes sale
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Different Facial isabel marant shoes sale Make Up Method
Make up can be divided into basic makeup and focus of the make up. Foundation
makeup is the basis for the entire face deposited color, including: cleaning,
moisture, convergence, rendering and talcum powder, etc., with skin function.
Key Make up is the eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, cheeks, lips and other organs of
the detailed make up, including: add eye shadow, painted eyeliner, eyelash
brush, Tu Bi Ying, wiping and wiping lipstick rouge etc., can increase the
appearance of beauty and a three dimensional feeling can be changed with a
different occasion. Make up methods are routine in general make up method to
meet the needs of a variety of occasions, special make up method, as well as the
quick make up simple Kuaidang law.
The human body s most comprehensive make up are classified as: skin, hair,
nails, teeth, eye make up of the five parts. In which the skin, including lips,
hair, including eyelashes.
Commonly used in cosmetics
First, Cream cosmetics, including silty cream, liquid cream categories. Cream
Cream can be divided into liquid water, oily cream. The oily Cream whereas
according to how much oil there was water in oil and oil in water type two
Second, hair cosmetics for hair, such as the head wax, hair oil, hair cream,
3, modified products cosmetics, make up modification in use, Isabel Marant Sneakers such as lipstick, nail polish, powder.
4, hygiene supplies cosmetics, including toilet water, perfume essence,
talcum powder.
5, pharmaceuticals cosmetics, has a role in a variety of effects can be
prevented to eliminate cosmetic defects, such as acne cream, freckle cream,
reduce wrinkle cream, ginseng cream, etc.. In addition, there are nutrition,
cosmetics, its role in isabel marant shoes nourishing the skin.
Professional Make up Tools
Puff, solid or liquid foundation, kettles, hold & powder, refers to care,
eyebrow pencil, modify pen, eye shadow powder, modified cake, set brush (contour
brush, eyebrow brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush), Blush powder, lip gloss
lipstick, false eyelashes, mascara, eyelash curler, eyelash glue, Tweezer, brow
scissors, Xiumei Dao, bath eyebrow cake
Face Make up on the one hand to highlight some of the most beautiful face
facial features to make it more beautiful, on the other, obscure, or correction
of defects or deficiencies in parts. After the United States, there are two
cosmetic modification: one is toward the natural beauty, a beauty is a gorgeous,
the former is achieved through proper makeup, which gives a generous, pleasant,
fresh feeling, the most suitable home or peacetime use at work. The latter is
achieved through the heavy makeup, which gives the impression of a dignified the
noble. May appear at the dinner, performances and other special social
occasions. Whether it is makeup or heavy makeup, must be using a variety of
techniques, appropriate use of cosmetics, through a certain artistic treatment
in order to achieve the purpose of beautification of the image.
Different faces how to make up?
Oval face can be described as the ideal recognized face, makeup should pay
attention to maintaining its natural shape, highlight its good points, without
going through the facial make up to change. Blush should be applied to the
highest point of zygomatic cheek, and then rubbed upward opening to the outside.
Lipstick, in addition to his lips lip defects, the best painting by a natural
lip. Eyebrows, the eyes can follow the contours of Xiucheng arc, Isabel Marant Sneakers Sale brow and inner corner of the eye should be Qi, Mei Wei may be slightly longer at the outer corner of the eye.
It is precisely because the face is oval Needless to cover too much, so be
sure to identify the facial make up of the most moving, most beautiful parts of
the then outstanding, so as not to give a touch flat, there is no characteristic
2, How long face make up isabel marant
Long face of the people at the makeup and achieve the effect should be to:
increase the width of the face. Rouge, care should be a little farther away from
the nose, in the visually widening the face. Wiping, the highest point along the
cheekbone and temple area under the curve posed from outside, to Shangma go
through. Foundation, if the subsidence cheeks or forehead narrow, cheeks and
forehead should be coated with light colored tone of the foundation, resulting
in light and shade, so that they are some fullness. Eyebrows, the amendment
should be ordered into the arc, can not have angular. The location of the
eyebrows should not be too high, the tail of the eyebrows avoid Gao Qiao.
3, a round Isabel Marant Boots face and how to make up?
A round face and I were lovely, exquisite sense of, to amend the oval is not
very difficult. Rouge, starting from the cheekbone to the next James collar,
attention can not simply painted round cheekbones protruding parts. Lipstick can
be painted into a shallow upper lip arched, the mouth can not be painted into a
circular shape, in order to avoid the circle plus round feeling. Foundation can
be used to build a shadow in the cheeks to make a round face a little slim. Use
dark colors foundation, along the forehead near the hairline starting at narrow
down to painting, to smear cheekbone area of his subordinates could be widened,
resulting in the face from the cheekbone below the brightness gradually
concentrated in the nose, lips, chin near the site. Eyebrows, can be cultivated
itself into a natural arc, can be used for a little bent or straight edges and
corners can not be peaceful, but also not be too bent.
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