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Forum » Sarcina,9 luni minunate... » Discutii intre burtici » isabel marant shoes a meat science
isabel marant shoes a meat science
marantaseriData: Miercuri, 28.10.2015, 11:54:12 | Mesaj # 1
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The university of Y When she tells us where to get our grub on, we listen up. News report can brag about their classes at Harvard or Princeton. Anyone big
into BCS college football rankings will want LSU and Alabama as their alma
mater. Not me. I TMd want to be at a school that TMs got bragging rights in the
food world. While I work toward my dream of ranking the country TMs best food
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schools (anyone who wants to help, let me know), I TMll call out a few with
highlights ranging from sausage making to chocolate fountains.
Last year, UW launched a meat science program. When you TMre done with the
twoyear program, you earn the title Master Meat Crafter. It TMs a funny name (it
suggests that you become the beef equivalent of an ice sculptor) but a cool
program: Students learn all about sausage making and bacon curing, both in the
classroom and with handson meat processing work. Among the benefits: after a
twoday meat curing lesson, you sit down to eat what you learned.
I didn TMt arbitrarily assign this award. Last year, UCLA won PETA2 Most
VeganFriendly College Contest, PETA2 being the student branch of PETA. At UCLA,
foodservice workers regularly met with the studentrun Bruins for Animals. The
school offers dozens of vegan options, including veggie chicken fingers and
vegan chili cheese dogs; for dessert, there are vegan cappuccino cookies. Since
the fall semester began, the school has sourced about 65 percent
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its seafood from fisheries that don TMt practice overfishing. All the coffee and
tea is fair trade organic, all eggs are sourced from cagefree chickens and most
of the meat served is humanely raised. I wonder if they have a good wine list to
go with that.
Best Tailgaters: University of Mississippi at Oxford
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This school has a motto that I admire: Miss may not
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win the game, but we will always win the party.
By all accounts, the Grove the 10 acres of Ole Miss where fans set up
magnificent tents, with well set tables and multiple direct TV screens inside is
tailgating master class, as long as you TMre not looking for a whole hog
roasting on a spit next to a keg.
Chocolate Champions: Boston
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If I TMd been aware of this program as a senior in high school, I know where
I would have applied early decision. BC operates The Chocolate Bar, which serves
just about every chocolate pastry imaginable: chocolate cinnamon rolls,
chocolate croissants, chocolate chip muffins, chocolate sundaes and multiple
kinds of chocolate cake. What takes them beyond is the makeyourownfondue
chocolate fountain, which I thought was basically illegal after your super sweet
Forum » Sarcina,9 luni minunate... » Discutii intre burtici » isabel marant shoes a meat science
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