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Forum » Sarcina,9 luni minunate... » Cu burtica dar cocheta » Valentino Flats Lower the Temperature
Valentino Flats Lower the Temperature
valasetinaroData: Miercuri, 02.09.2015, 19:06:03 | Mesaj # 1
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Prevent Eliminate Mold Mildew Removal How to Prevent Mold and Mildew in Your Home NaturallyIf you spot mold and mildew you
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may think your only option is scrubbing with chemical
cleaners. Fortunately, there are many methods of both preventing and eliminating
mold naturally. Lower the Temperature

Turn down the heat in rooms that are not in use, especially in high humidity areas such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. Indoor humidity levels
should not exceed about 50 percent. Check for damp areas in your home such as in
the basement, in closets, under sinks, and around hot water tanks and plumbing.
Ensure that clothes dryers are vented to the outdoors. While drying clothes
indoors is economical, place them in a well aired area to prevent humidity.
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Wipe Away Wetness and Mop Up Spills Even putting wet dishes in your kitchen cupboards will increase
the moisture content that molds, mildews, and bacteria like to
grow. Let dishes air dry, clean up any spills, don't put away wet umbrellas, and
avoid leaving damp laundry piles or wet towels in the bathroom. In the summer
time, an outdoor laundry line is the best way to dry wet laundry; not to mention
the cheapest and most environmental friendly method. Check for leaks in plumbing
around bathtubs, shower stalls, and under sinks.

Replace Carpets with Wood or Tile Floors High moisture areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements should never have carpets installed. Area
rugs should be aired out regularly. Carpets and other absorbent surfaces cannot
be cleaned of mold and mildew effectively and should be disposed. Also try wood
flooring with area rugs in bedrooms and living areas to prevent molds, mildew,
and dust from accumulating. Clean shower stalls, bath tubs, and floors regularly
with environmentally
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friendly (and human friendly) cleaners. Clean out
fridges so that mold doesn't have a chance to grow on decaying food and send
spores into the air.
CopperdeteData: Sambata, 28.01.2017, 09:14:06 | Mesaj # 2
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