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Valentino Sandals at Baylor College
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Nutritional Valentino
Value of a Baked Potato
Potatoes are a versatile, nutrientdense vegetable. The dietary quality of
this vegetable is intimately intertwined with its variety, size and
preparation/cooking. Certain varieties of potato are healthier than others, and
certain preparation and cooking methods
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ensure a more powerful nutritional punch from the
potato. government's Fruits Veggies Matter website, the most common types of
potatoes at restaurants and in home gardens, farmers' markets and supermarkets
are the russet, red potato and the round white. Department of Agriculture's
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Food and Nutrition Service advises that russet potatoes are best
for baking. However, sweet potatoes, which are both nutrientdense and rich in
beta carotene, can also be baked to good nutritional effect."Scrutinize to
maximize" is a maxim to live by when you select a potato at the farmer's market,
supermarket or from your garden. Be sure that potatoes are smooth and firm. If
they're discolored especially if they're green spongy, soft or wrinkled, they
are likely to be past their prime potatoeating time. If they're baked or grilled
within their
skins, potatoes pack a nutrientrich wallop. Nutritionists at
the USDA/ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine
advise the use of lowfat cooking techniques such as baking, steaming and
microwaving. It is important to thoroughly wash a potato with clean tap water
and a gentle vegetable scrubber before cooking it to reduce the likelihood of
foodborne illness. Cut out any eyes or sprouts growing from the potato.
Whenever possible, prepare potatoes at home so you can dictate both the
portion size and the toppings, as well as the skinoff or skinon option and the
variety of potato. A medium, baked russet potato, weighing 173 grams, yields 12
percent of your daily value of total carbohydrate, 14 percent DV of fiber and 30
percent of your vitamin C. A baked potato, of unspecified size and variety, also
yields 610 milligrams of potassium, which is more than the 422 milligrams in a
medium banana, according to a report in the Dallas Morning News Nutrition/Health
Tools to Assess Your Food
My FoodAPedia, one of the many Internetbased dietary tools stuffed with data,
allows a person to enter a given food, such as the search term "baked potato,"
and then receive an accounting of the nutritional quality
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of various permutations of potatoes, from a stuffed
baked potato with cheese to a plain baked potato without its jacket. Other
variations on this theme of potatoes enable a user to select creamy ranch
dressing or reducedcalorie spread toppings. The USDA National Nutrient Database
for Standard Reference is another nutritional analysis tool. You can select a
food group in this case, vegetables and vegetable products as well as keyword to
enable a search. In the case of diet and wellbeing, knowledge is a fount of
Forum » Vreau si eu un bebelyno » Semne si simptome. Teste de sarcina. » Valentino Sandals at Baylor College
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