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Celine Cabas Tote equity
calenivoseData: Duminica, 11.10.2015, 18:34:41 | Mesaj # 1
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The pros and cons of downsizing your home after retirement The first and most obvious advantage is that, if your existing home is worth a lot of money because
of its location and size, and/or you have a lot of equity in it, the sale of the
home could give you a
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cushion of money to make life in retirement a little
easier and fund some of those 'bucket list' adventures.
I'm assuming that you would be moving to a property that would be easier to
manage as you got older not one that's going to make life more difficult
(although I accept that I could be biased because cleaning and other assorted,
householdrelated tasks are not really my thing and I can't imagine that ANYONE
would CHOOSE to spend MORE time engaged in those activities!)
You could have a fresh start and get rid of some of the clutter and 'stuff'
that you've accumulated over the years. (Although having to
Celine Cabas
get rid of muchloved stuff because you can't fit it into your new
place could also be a disadvantage.)
And, of course, downsizing would also bring the opportunity to look for a
neighbourhood with close proximity to the amenities and services that will be
useful in later life if your health deteriorates and you can no longer drive.
The most obvious disadvantage that springs
to mind is leaving your old home, neighbourhood, and friends and
neighbours behind.
There is, of course, an emotional
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leaving a home where you raised a family and spent many happy years of your
life. If you're downsizing from the family home, you may also meet some
resistance from your kids for the same emotional reasons.
Another big disadvantage MAY be that a downsized home may mean a
'notasniceastheoldone' home. or a 'notenoughroomwhenfriendsandfamilycometostay'
home (although this could, equally, be an advantage and a useful excuse if you
don't particularly enjoy the company of some of your
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friends and family members). A smaller home might mean a smaller or nonexistent
garden (again, not a problem for someone like me I hate gardening and it would
save me the cost of having to pay someone else to do it for me!).
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